one who believes in principle in general government regulation of people's personal freedom, often as a result of their religious beliefs
Social conservatives tend to be against abortion, gay marriage, embryonic stem cell research, physician assisted suicide, gun control and affirmative action and for prayer in public schools, capital punishment and supporting Israel.
by rustyshackleford December 11, 2007
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A political view that life begins at conception, and ends at birth.
Social conservatives oppose abortion, as well as social programs that benefit poor children.
by newponder April 23, 2011
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Another term for theocratic fascist. Social conservatives tend to be fundamentalist Christians and right wing Republicans. They want their own version of morality to be enforced through legislation. Most of them hate gays, "liberals" (which are defined as anyone who supports personal freedom or redistribution of wealth) and non-Christians. They support prayer and Bible reading in public schools and the scientific FACT of evolution to be replaced by their own creation myth. Most of them have never read a biology text book and so they often butcher was evolution really is in favor of their own straw man arguments. They usually don't believe in Global warming, In addition they think it is the job of the United State's military to bomb and occupy Muslim countries to protect Israel, even though most Israelis do not want our help and generally believe we are making the situation worse. Not all Republicans are social conservatives and their are exceptions to this generalization
George W. Bush is a social conservative who for the first time in 50+ years allowed employers to discriminate on the basis of religious beliefs. W lied to the American people and started a war in Iraq on false premises. He butchered civil liberties and the bill of rights with the so-called "Patriot" Act.
by Ron Paul (Not really) July 11, 2011
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A conservative who backs the enactment of invasive, usually expensive laws which allow for the government to regulate or micromanage the behavior, relationships or identity of private citizens, or to prohibit government recognition of certain of these traits, based upon the need to "preserve" said individual's idealized "natural" or "godly" order for society (or to create social programs - usually of the "feel good" type - pursuant to such ideals of a "Moral Majority").

Usually a conservative who uses a religious case or justification for why the government must pass legislation (or engage in international conflicts, such as the "War on Drugs") in order to play "moral police" with the citizenry or world.

Such conservatives' self-described credentials as "conservative" are often questioned or sometimes rejected by fiscal conservatives and right-libertarians (including the Grover Norquist anti-tax types) because of such programs take up fiscal resources for potentially never-ending or unwinnable wars. Of course, when culture wars are being fought both in the US and abroad by non-government entities (such as churches), the fiscal conservatives and libertarians are often quiet and compliant for as long as *government* money is not being directed to such wars; the richer of the BGSCs (e.g., Pat Robertson) have free license to carry out such wars.
"The social conservative leaders who advocate using government to achieve their aims always push the GOP to embrace big government whenever the GOP takes power. Here's how it works:

1. Republicans gain control based on promises of limited government.

2. We get a few years of somewhat limited government, especially if the president is a Democrat.

3. We then watch the biggest statists in America -- big government social conservatives -- demand that the federal government "do something" about every perceived social ill in America.

4. We then watch the GOP respond to social con threats by becoming 100% statist. Every time the GOP gains ascendancy, it eventually decides it ought to use the power of the federal government to force "conservative" (in quotes because big government is never conservative) goals. It assumes that other conservatives will just toe the line (like the OP suggests).

5. Voters then kick the GOP out of power.

6. We then watch the GOP at least pretend to believe in small government (many in the coalition will simply wish to limit power of Dems, thus forming an accidental coalition).

7. Repeat"

-- Rich Muny, (Breitbart-owned outlet)
by RayneVanDunem November 24, 2010
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