When it's not ran by the government, it's called a Ponzi scheme. When it is ran by the government, it's called Social Security.
Social Security should be abolished, not privatized.
by david smith, jr. July 4, 2009
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referring to the act of sex: when you get a little each month, but not enough to live on
"how's you bedroom life"
"ah, just social security sex at this point"
"you know, get a little each month, but not enough to live on"
by pink champagne July 28, 2010
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someone who grew up living only on social security income; checks. Someone coming from a struggle. Majority of the family income comes from the government.
That boy had it tough, he was a social security baby.
by paperchasinasian November 1, 2017
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A highly orgasmic sexual position involving three females and one male. Also includes a wheel chair. The man sits in the wheel chair while the women take turns pleasuring him in various way while moving.
Very kinky.
"Hey Matt what's your social security number?"
"oh sick dude"

"Did you tap that social security style?"
by Roxiewells May 30, 2008
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The Holy Grail of government entitlements. In the projects, receiving this benefit is the equivalent to being knighted in Great Britain. Only the laziest and truest scum of the earth seek to attain it's $700-a-month-for-life brilliance.
I got the bipolar, my niglet got the ADHD, and my momma got the diabetes. God blessed us with money for life! We's on the Social Security Disability!
by Darius from Quebec September 20, 2012
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ssi office in greater san diego area where workers regularly revoke ssi rights of long time receipients including the severely mentally challenged/ brain damaged and the lifelong deaf and blind.
A deaf man got his ssi payments cut off at the el cajon social security office yesterday after receiving benefits since the age of 3.
by ellesmelle March 28, 2004
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Put your digits in the comments.

Nah just kidding GMYSSN is just a classic internet joke that's sometimes not a joke
Youtuber(Seemingly Joking): Give Me Your Social Security Number
Comments: 123456789
Youtuber(Ded Serious): The REAL ones >:
Comments(Crying): #########
by TNWii.Erlyacss November 3, 2020
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