Box drum made entirely of wood including the "head" or playing surface. Originally from Peru & Cuba, now used extensively in Flamenco Music and in place of a drum set (kit) in "unplugged" rock & pop sessions. Cajon means box or drawer in Spanish.

Not to be confused with "cojones".
American Idol Katherine McPhee was accompanied by two cajon players during her performance of "Black Horse & The Cherry Tree".
by Kotz June 10, 2006
Spanish for "drawers" (as in, the kind in a dresser or desk). This word is often confused by non-Spanish speakers with cojones (note the different vowel sound), which is Spanish slang for balls, but they are in fact two very different words.
Venta de escritorio con dos cajones (Desk for sale, with two drawers).
by duder November 17, 2004
Plural for "cajon", that's spanish for drawer, but also is an peruvian instrument that resembles a big wooden box, the player sits on it an then hit it in the frontal face to create diferent sounds depending on how and where he/she hits it.
The cajon is a good substitute for a drum set, when you are playing acoustic.
by Rodolfo May 14, 2005
for couch-potatoes it's a problem of willpower to get their cajones of the couch and se ponerse a trabajar como gente normal
by Sexydimma May 11, 2013
Cajones is defined as are a large set of balls. When someone does a ballsy move. If you have cajones it means you are being risk-taking. A prime example of the word cajones in the text is Matthew Zukowski from Love Island Australia. Pronounced Ca-hone-ez
An example would be - he has a large set of cajones on him. He did a risky move.
by Anita Dickenme October 26, 2019
"big box" said in the Spanish language (slang, diminutive/"cutesy" form). a large container typically constructed with four sides perpendicular to the base and often having a lid or cover.
My dog peed in the cajone cuz he had already crapped on the couch.
by marta September 27, 2004
Spanish pronunciation: (kaˈ'xon 'is)

1.) NOUN: Slang for "testicles".

2.) NOUN: To "use" them, is to possess strength and bravery.

3.) NOUN (PLURAL): A spanish plywood box drum used by slapping the front face with the hands.
1.) No, I'm not a virgin - I use my cajones.

2.) Stick up for yourself.

2) The Afro-Peruvian band beat on their cajones as onlookers watched in amazement.
by Durichko August 1, 2010