Its when prisoners tie a rope to the soap so they cant be fucked up the ass if they drop the soap.
Jerry got ass fucked by ben when he dropped the soap. Next time hes gunna tie the soap to a rope.
by cartman5000 August 5, 2004
An item prisoners use when showering so that the soap cannot be dropped and then the person becoming subject to harsh anal sex
I have never dropped my soap on a roap.
by reddsoxy October 31, 2003
1: literlly soap on a rope
2: a highy comical idea, that can cause laugher for hours
1: Please don't tell me if you've used soap on a rope.
2: Fallon and Erin laughed for over 1 hour about soap on a rope.
by Erin October 11, 2003
Slang for the Pope's penis, because they're "both pointless unless in prison," according to Bo Burnham.
Guy 1: If I were to go to prison, I would use soap on a rope, just in case I drop it
Guy 2: Haha, fag
by I do the Big Gay July 21, 2018
the best damn soap on earth
made of washing the scrotum
damn that pope soap on a rope gave me a hella rash
by the true ben May 6, 2005