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Used to be a nice little community until a certain few people came along and corrupted the damn place. Now n00bs run amuck, and SoaH became one of the crappiest Message Boards in existance. It is highly recommended that you stay far away from this place.
Wow, I can't believe how shitty SoaH is now..
by Drakor October 08, 2004
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A cesspool of underaged failures of life who go on about pointless shit and start drama wars. It is said many of inhabitants are sonic fans, which are nothing more than furry larvae who have yet to come to terms that they're headed for a dead end life of general faggotry and drama.
Many are already there, many think they're married to fictional characters from the videogame: Sonic The hedgehog.
Though many are now no longer into sonic, but have graduated to full-fledged furfags. Their leader, a 20-something jew, guides them into a future of lolocausts and "fursecution", like a furry Moses with his jesus stick.

The anatomy of the common SOAH'er is a large swollen abdomen bisected by a thorax and have large mandibles which they use to carry food 10 times their weight to their "Ego God" So their deity, can lay eggs to further expand the populace.

It is said there is a group of inhabitants that rebel against the norm, but little evidence has been found, many have been sacrificed at the temple of no0bism.

Relationships on SOAH tend to come and go much like crosstown traffic, which leads to incredibly hilarious lulz and drama and Serious Internets Business.

The only person to escape SOAH with minimal injury was George Zimmer. I guarantee it(tm).

Many bothans have died to give you this information.
"SOAH? What's that?"
" dont want to know."
by Sir_Harbl September 16, 2006
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The worst goddamn forum in the entire internet. Yes that includes 4chan. SoaH attracts every moron, douchebag, pervert and spammer you can imagine. And the mods sit back and do nothing.
Stay away from SoaH
by nobody important really April 15, 2008
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SoaH has been a lot of things over the years. To be purly honest, it's the original heroes from the earliest boards that keep it where is is, and have held onto the flavour of the site. It's maintained by Ego God, and is primarily a Sonic the Hedgehog fan site hosted by Gamespy's planet system. They've got music from every game, a few videos, fan-games, and lots of hosted sprite comics. You come for the pie, but then get sucked into the forums which keeps you there forever. Even after frickin colledge, while you're a starving artist/writter in the streets, kind of forever.
I'm a good one. So is Zin, Ego and Hyper... Hell the whole Coap team is like this. SoaH's like the dial-home number.
by NKLS! ThaiaxN July 20, 2006
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SoaH is an acronym for "Shadow of a Hedgehog", a "Sonic-Centered" ; message board. Now the Sonic areas are primarily used to bitch about how "Old Games = Better" and are now a skeptic's heaven. The gaming forums is a typical "HOW I DEFEND HALO?" versus "RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDG E RACER" versus "RE-VE-LOUTION" fight, but everyone comes to the conclusion that the winner of the generation is indeed the PS2.

Nobody uses the art forums.

The spam forum is such a set of injokes that if you aren't a memeber of the "Clique" as it's been grown to be called, You're lost for a while until someone finally updates Wikipedia.

As for the members of these forums, they can be classified into 3 simple groups and 0101010101010101010101010 1010101 complex groups.

The Aforementioned "Clique"

As for every time some "popular group" "goes too far" there is a supposed "resistance" against the supposed "clique"

People who think that anyone believes in the other two are insane.

But there are no sane people.

The Staff is believed to be one of four things:

1. "The Clique"
2. "Lazy retards"
3. 1 and 2
4. Trapfappers

Otherwise the place is fresher than Bel Air and more kickass then Chuck Norris.

PIME TARADOX X 2! We return safely!
"Hey I'm new here at SoaH"

"You have 5 minutes to run or you're trapped here forever and you'll like it and hate it at the same time."
by :V October 03, 2007
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Best dang Sonic site in the world.
This message board sucks. Let's go to SoaH. Word.
by ZinDinTimeYUM December 23, 2003
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