The Arabic word for peace.

Asalaamu Aleikum is a greeting used by muslims, meaning "Peace be upon you".

The Hebrew word for peace is Shalom (also used as a greetin).
Arabic - Asalaamu Aleikum
Hebrew - Shalom Aleichem
English - Peace be upon you
by Salaam/Shalom means peace August 13, 2003
Salaam means being sexy, attractive, popular and funny. Everyone loves a Salaam, including YOU!
OMG! I want to date her/him because they're a Salaam they're so cool!

I'm a Salaam and I'm so famous
You are SUCH a Salaam!
by Wealllovepotatoes December 16, 2016
a socially conscious up-and-coming emcee from nj tearing up the underground hip-hop scnene with his passionate jazz-like flow and clever lyrics. he is a devout black muslim discussing topics most emcees/rappers wouldnt care to bring up such as, 'post-colonial exploitation of african (hip-hop) culture', 'the african diaspora', 'the true islamic jihad', etc. most listeners can relate him to other socially conscious emcees such as immortal technique, dead prez, mos def and talib kweli, chuck d, or krs-one. he already has an LP out, 'Paradise Lost', so go peep that if you havent checked him out.
"thats how it is, but shit dont change
plantations, politics, and capital gain
for the right price of fortune and fame
who be reppin a black face
for some bling and a chain
go ahead and do the math
ice, floss, and flash
used to worship gold
now praying to platinum calf
after the cash, whats fuckin with that
all mighty dollars, replaced Allah
so holla back!
21 gun salute, let your pistols clap
just as long as the violence is black on black
glorifying that shit, now its a rap
a million sold for your soul
if theres a price for that
Vanilla Ice and Hammer
hip-hop or propaganda?
its mainstream now, that shit bumps in Montana
white boys in Iowa call each other 'nigga'
they said it wouldnt last yall...
come on, go figure"
-Hasan Salaam, Blaxploitation
by illmatic_89 September 1, 2006
The BEST place in the world, with the most awesome people, beach, and language (which always seems to sound like swearing). Dar is home to the entire world: you can find people from every single corner of this planet, awesome much??


the shittiest place on earth, boring as hell sometimes, with pointless drama, but you should just ignore that and get on with your own lives fuckers :P
Person 1: hey, where you from?
Person 2: Well, its complicated, I'm half Japanese, half Bulgarian, and my mom's mom is Italian, while my dad's mom is Ethiopian. Plus i was born in Guatemala.

Person 1: Oh wow! Then you obviously live in Dar es Salaam :)
by hdhdhd March 22, 2010