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to sniff around looking for something such as food or critters
Our dog likes to snurdle around the kitchen floor looking for crumbs.
by coach23 July 19, 2011
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To steal in a jovial manner from one's friends.
Upon a friend getting out of his chair and going to the kitchen and then taking his chair. " Haha I have snurdled your chair!"
by Pij April 10, 2008
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Snurdle; the perverse act of surreptitiously sniffing the still warm bicycle seat of a female cyclist after she has just vacated the saddle. Usually for purposes of cheap sexual thrills and more often than not accompanied by pig style grunting noises.

Snurdling; the commission of the act of the snurdle.
"Yes officer. I'd just stepped off my bicycle when this man appeared out of nowhere and started to snurdle in broad daylight".

"Thank you Mrs May. We'll take it from here. Ok Mr Trump, in the back of the van and no funny business".
by Curtainsofbeef June 06, 2018
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