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The accumulation of hair, tp, and lint collecting at the very tip of your asscrack.
Spouse: "Honey, what's on the (shower) soap?"

You: "What's it look like?"

Spouse: "Kind of like a small embroidered spider, wrapped in pubes?"

You: "Oh! I must've left a snugglet. I'll rinse it off."
by Phill02 June 29, 2009
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tits which are too warm and snuggly to get cold enough to cut glass, the opposite of nips
Chris said his nipples were hard enough to cut glass, but I simply replied that my snugglets were quite comfy.
by Aelinaur May 10, 2008
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A small(no more than a nickel) nugglet.
"Yo fool load that snugglet."
"Beezy! Drop my snugglet before I..."
Stankdank: "Shiiiiiit that's some chronic! You got any more?" Dankalicious: "Nah bro, only had a snugglet"
by uhhh what? December 14, 2014
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