English informal slang for nose.

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A: *punches B in face*
B: You made my snozz bleed!
by Lynn December 14, 2004
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(v) to draw attention to oneself by acting in a pushy manner, often accompanied by noises (snorting, etc) and body movements such as wiggling or shaking.

Most often used to describe animal - human relations, i.e. dogs interacting with humans.

(n) one who snozzes

Iterations: snozzle (n); snozzing (adv); snozzy (adj)
Quit acting like a snozz, Lula, I will go get you a treat!
by baumshteen April 5, 2010
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Semen chunks on yours hands. Caused by not washing one's hands properly after masturbation.
"Son, I told you to stop picking your nose!"

"Its not boogers dad, its just snozz."
by savehaloz January 21, 2010
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The past tense of "You snooze you lose."
"Hey, that's my seat."
"Too bad, you snozzed."
by TMarcello August 17, 2006
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A man born in the wrong era
A man born to the wrong era, usually should be from the 60's who believes everything was better in the good old days

"Im such a snozz because I loved the cane and when a teacher would accidentally slip a finger in"
by Azrael'sAnus July 12, 2015
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The "Snozz-Lock" s a stringent sexual ritual with three definitive phases:

1) A male tucking his genitals between his legs whilst also having the female's head 'locked' in between as she gives him felatio. The male's head is also locked between the female's legs as he performs felatio and rims her.

2) The male then proceeds to insert his nose rhythmically into the female's vagina and ass, short bursts at first but becoming increasingly longer as he inhales deeply.

3) The climax is whilst the male is inahling and approaching the point of ejaculation, he utters the code word 'Vince', at which point the girl begins to deifcate over the male's face whilst his nose is still in her ass.
We were in a Snozz-Lock for a while, but when I shouted 'Vince' it came to an abrupt but intense climax.

On my honeymoon we Snozz-Locked on the beach, when we had finished it was knee deep out there.

I'm going home to Snozz-Lock with my girlfriend.

I'm used to my husband Paddy 'no barking' through a ball gag, but after the Snozz-Lock he was a changed man.
by Senori Bukkake August 18, 2009
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Noun: A woman with a huge nose that gets pleasure from dudes sticking their dicks in her snozz.

Verb: The act of thrusting your penis into a women's nostrils.
"Dude, I bet Izzy gives a mean snozz job."
"Yeah bro, with that huge nose, I bet she's handing out snozz jobs left and right"
by Oz Frog June 12, 2019
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