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Any extremely attractive female that participates in winter sports and or activities.
Dang cuz, you see that snow-bunny walk into the lodge? That chick was banging!
by deecoop88 February 05, 2008
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A sexy girl who snowboards or skiis. Also are usually very bad at snowboarding/skiing
I was on the lift and had to holla at a snowbunny who kept falling over on the easy slope.
by brooks55 February 26, 2009
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A usually VERY rare curvaceous Caucasian women, often assumed to know how to ski or snowboard. Most commonly used my African American men.
Man 1: Ayo bro Snow bunny at 12 o'clock.
Man 2 : Nigga, it's 6:30.
Man 1 : No look up idiot.
Man 2 : Oh! Damn she's thick. I bet she just came back from skiing in Aspen.

Man 1: Word.
by Danydame21 September 29, 2017
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Cocaine addict, usually female. Also refers to chicks who snowboard.
Courtney Love is a snow bunny.
by Heather Casteel July 26, 2004
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Accurately describes a female snowboarder or possibly a female skier. Any other definition is absurd and misleading. is a great site to find snowboards, gear, and cloths for girls.


Joel has been hittin the slopes extra latley cause he's got his eye on that snowbunny Kendra.
by VTsnowbunny March 18, 2008
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a fucking hot snowboard chick that likes to ride power in a g string
i watched that snowbunny ride that powder all day
by ryan January 29, 2004
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