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1) Someones ability to become something. There may of course be good potential or bad potential.

Such potentail usually occours in male adolescents that participate in sports.

In rare cases some people may have to much potentail.

2) Joking about how someone may have potential to suceed or do something good, but will probably fail.
-He had so much potential. We thought he'd be in NBA, but furthest he got was halftime show.

-Must of had to much potential.
by bunstofuns February 23, 2010
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1) Potentially the best use of snow since the invention of a snowball.

2) An excuse for lazy teachers, bus drivers, and of course the parents of students who are overworried about poor driving conditions and the saftey of their children.
Yes! A snow day. I think I'll sit inside making definitions of epic things on UD.
by bunstofuns February 23, 2010
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