Another nickname for vagina or uterus. Also can be a sex term.
Your snotch smells like freshly cut grass on a sunday morning.

When I say ball you say sack. Ball! SNOTCH!.
by Carmray PT April 5, 2008
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a term created by a legendary queens stoner. can be used as both an noun or a verb. Means marijuana or anything pertaining to the cannibas plant.
Yorgo: "Snotch?"

Freda: "obvs"
by Young Totes III January 20, 2012
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Original contraction of the phrase "Snot-nosed Bitch"; used to define a stuck up or unpleasant female person.
"Did you hear what she said? What a snotch."
by Sixgun December 19, 2004
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shortened form of biznotch

other forms are " snotchbag", "snotchwad", " snotchy", " and snotched up"
"yo snotches whatup"
by Mash Kash November 2, 2005
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A snatch-biotch hybrid. I gets the, "I want to call you a bitch, but will do so playfully by using biotch" point across with the added pimp-slap of calling the person a snatch.
"Your gf was being a real snotch last night. I can't believe she tried to kick your bean bag for saying her sister was hotter"

"I know, right?! She was being a super snotch!"
by Show Me Some TD's January 24, 2012
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To put a "notch in one's belt" by means of a skank.
I put another snotch in my belt when i hewnched veronica.
by Ragnar October 24, 2002
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