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Something that is of poor quality, or lacking in aspects.
It can also mean something that is bad or mean.

A derivative of snide.
However in English slang, most particularly the north, snide is the verb of snid.
1. That club was really snid, did you see the state of the girls in there?
2. That food you cooked was snid, sort it out.
3. Stop being such a snid.

Verb. You're so 'snide'
by sean051 July 23, 2010
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1. SNIDS: the word DRINKS Minus the (K) and the (R) mixed. To be used as a code for getting drunk secretly.

* This word is to be yelled out in any event and can also be used to substitute anyword.
1. Dude, we got snids are you down? I'm tryn to get my snids on.

*That was snids.
*Are you gonna eat that snids?
*Those girls are snids!
*How was the punk rock show? Snids as fuck !!
*I just snidsed my pants.
*Snids !
*Fuck that snid
by C28ROCK January 14, 2011
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1.) n. -- a vagina
2.) n. -- a female
1.) I ate that snid nicely.
2.) There's a lot of snid in this bar tonight.
by Fro September 15, 2002
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Stands for a Sleazy Needle Dick Scumbag. The i is added to the middle because you need a vowel to make it an actual word. This phrase was originally used by Hulk Hogan when he called Jerry Springer "The Sleaziest Needle Dick Scumbag on Television", while they were on the roast of David Hasselhoff. SNiDS are the lowest of the low. They have no heart and will steal from you if they have the opportunity. It dosen't get much lower than a SNiDS
Kevin: Yo Joe I'm pretty sure Mike stole money out of your wallet before..
Joe: Wow what a fuckin SNiDS
Kevin: Fuckin SNiDS man, they'll get ya.
by Joey Biscuits October 20, 2011
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Snid {noun)
(first heard by me in the south of England circa 1993)
Snid : the very smallest amount of something that can exist (for instance, a tiny smear of jam in a jar.

Alternatively: the last bit of a joint before the roach, so tiny it will inevitably end up tasting of cardboard.

Example: "There's only a snid of milk left"
by v1ct0rth3cl34n3r September 02, 2011
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