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A shit that spreads like a sneeze and spashes back at your arse, leaving a slight cold feeling.
"I had a pain in my stomach from eating too many sausages. I sat at the shitter and left a sneezer in the bowl. It was the A-bomb!
by Kristofolis May 24, 2005
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1) A term to describe a promiscuous young woman that wants to hook up.

2) A slutty girl.

3) Any girl that you would not want to bring home to your mother.
"A sneezer at the bar wants me to meet her there."

"She's just a standard sneezer, I would not date her."

"Do you have any sneezers coming over tonight?"
by sneezing4Areason April 19, 2009
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the runny shits
peeing out of your ass
"I went to Julio's Barrio for some spicy chimichangas. 3 hours later I landed a touchdown and left a sneezer in the toilet for my bitch to clean."
by Cr@cker May 19, 2005
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The best band to ever hit cape may tech talent show.....and no they didnt sound like screaming girls......i think. Members: Drums; Matt New, Bass; Brian Revoir, Lead Guitar; Nick Rescigno, Singer; Ant Cole.
Dude, did you see Sneezer last night!? They were FEPIC!
by itwasFEPIC November 22, 2009
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Sneezer means jail cell in Kinky Friedman's _noir_ fiction.
"...Ratso was in the sneezer (jail cell)." - Kinky Friedman, _God Bless John Wayne_ (1995), p. 163
by Neil Sapper May 31, 2008
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A sneezer is someone who tries way too hard to fit in. Typically many of the things that come out of a sneezers mouth are unneccesary, forced, and flat out embarassing. They often times try and build inside jokes with you that you want no part of yet they proceed to bother you because they so badly want to be cool and accepted. A sneezer can also be used to define somebody who is lanky, goofy, and flat out resembles a penis.
Sneezer: Hey man, whats the dealio-yo?

You: Nothing sneezer, now get the fuck out of my face and far away from me.

Sneezer: Alright sounds good bro, we should hang out later!

You: No we should not

Sneezer: Ah thats cool, I will call you later dogg.

You: Dont bother sneezer, and if you do I will kill your dog and then drown you in its blood.
by soshakethem23 July 02, 2009
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