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Sneak Dissing Is When Someone Is Constantly Talking Shit & Don't Say It To Your Face
Kim: Kendra She Is Mad Ugly Yo
Kendra: Yo I Know
Mike: Ya'll Sneak Dissing Or Naah!
by KillaKaay January 27, 2014
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Talking shit on the sly by posting in general statements that are really directed towards somebody specific.
Do yall see them on Facebook sneak dissing each other because they don't have the heart to say it to one another in person?
by Sammy2Times July 30, 2016
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Sneak dissing is to make fun of, diss, or roast someone else without telling them, normally in a whisper.
For example, if you are whispering to your friend about someone else that is right there and he doesn't hear it, it's sneak dissing. However, if you say it loud enough but he is too busy in something else, it isn't considered sneak dissing. Commonly referred to as snake dissing by wiggas.
Bob *whisper* Deshawn is such a bitch.
Deshawn Wor'? Square up.
by MacAntics May 14, 2015
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