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When a women's panties are so soaked with cum, that when it dries becomes basket like.
" Me and my crew blew so many loads on your great grandmother's crotch last night that she developed a snatch basket. "
by Claymore J. Flapdoodle December 05, 2006
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1)A descriptive noun referring to someone unliked that is similar to a basket of nasty vaginas.

2)A very timid or pussified person.
1)Dammit Amy is such a snatchbasket, she needs to die!

2)Stop being such a snatchbacket and do it already!
by Dziadosz November 28, 2007
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Primarily a Volkswagen Cabriolet of any year. The definition can be extended to any other four seat convertible with a roll bar known to be popular with and/or driven by young women.
Cammie's parents got her a snatch basket for her sweet 16. So expect to see her and her girls cruising in it all summer.
by Trey LaTraj May 15, 2007
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