A slang term used to indicate when a male masturbates.
June: "Hey, Wally... Wally... W A L L Y ! !"
Wally: "Jesus Christ, Mom, What?"
June: "Are you gonna help me or are you just gonna sit around all day and snap your carrot?"

Ward: "June, have you seen Wally?"
June: "I think he went upstairs to snap his carrot."
by Barn Breath January 01, 2017
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Without warning, to snap into a fit of blind rage quite often brought on by the actions of others.

A general term used to describe the behavior of someone who is easily upset.

Can also be used for someone with head noise who is experiencing an 'episode.'
Don't snap your carrot over something so trivial mate.
by Poocey Bear June 04, 2010
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Causing the girl to orgasm. Snapping one's own carrot is jerking off, so it stands to reason that to snap another's carrot is to jerk them off or cause them to orgasm. I first entered this term in the Urban Dictionary in 2002 or 2003 after noticing that an erect clitoris sometimes looks kind of like a carrot. I first read it in reference to masturbation, as in "He's busy snapping his carrot" here in the Urban Dictionary about 2 months ago (Aug '07)
Example 1:At the end of a vigorous tongue dancing session I was able to snap her carrot.
Example 2:Using a diesel-powered dildo enabled Sally to snap her carrot more times than I could count.
by keith perdue October 11, 2007
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