a mediocre actress who looks like she smells of milk and is in need of a good wash
n.b. she looks particularly greasified in spidermans 1 and 2
by maculate February 6, 2005
damn...she is such a beautiful actress!
she seems to be very nice....and cute...hehe!!i nearly saw every single movie with her!!
best role:interview with a vampire
the movie deeply is also very good!!
and i would recomment the virgin suicide!that´s an awesome movie!!
kirsten dunst is one of the best actresses on earth in my eyes!!
by akasha September 1, 2004
A quite attractive young movie star, unfortunately unencumbered by any sort of acting ability. Also dumb as a sack of hammers. In ten years, she will be happy to get a phone call from Playboy.
Kirsten Dunst was great in "Marie Antoinette," until she had to go and open her mouth.
by Johnny Iron February 9, 2007
The antidote for an erection.

Oh no! I have a boner in public, how embarassing!

(thinks of Kirsten Dunst)

Ah, much better.
by Cap'n Dan October 7, 2005
A sweet, sexy and very talented actress with a fiery interior and a sexy exterior.
Kirsten Dunst is the bomb.
by Joshten April 11, 2005
A beautiful, very talented young woman who has a killer smile and fantastic legs; also cute and cuddly.
Did you see that blonde girl? She is so a Kirsten Dunst.
by Joshten April 11, 2005
Actress that sucks in almost any movie she does and has disgusting teeth that are in need of some serious treatment.
Guy 1: "Damn, that girl has some bad teeth."

Guy 2: "Ya but they're not as bad as Kirsten Dunst's."
by Reaper98 October 5, 2006