someone easy to make fun of, likes ugly women, ballz havnt dropped hence the high piched voice and the unabilaty to get laid. starts shit then gets someone else to handle his business. usually seen driving ford tauruses with fat ugly bitches riding shotgun and bumpin' akon with a shitty system. drops his life for a bitch that gives it up the ass cause her dick is bigger than his.

now who u got nigga??????

dont relay on for fights cause people 20 minutes away who dont know u get there faster to help.

nobody bitch.
smurf:ill kick ur ass
smurf:*shuts up and takes the hummiliation like a horrible prison rape scene*
by ur old crew u fagget.... December 29, 2005
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Secret Military Underground Rightwing Force
Watch what you say the S.M.U.R.F.'s might have this place bugged.
by Rev. C. Frank Lee September 10, 2005
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a term used by norteno gangsters to described soreanals aka surenos
cuddy there goes a smurf lets catch him slippin
by pimp pep December 04, 2011
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A smurf (in Counter Strike: Global Offensive) is any player who creates an alternate Steam account for the purpose of playing competitive matches against players several ranks lower than their own skill rank.

These players use this tactic often because of their inability to be successful at their own given rank, so they must 'Smurf' in order to feel better about themselves.

Another popular reason for 'Smurfing' is to give said player the illusion that they are actually close to being good enough to play at the professional level. Although, we all know they will never really amount to anything.
"This guy is dropping more than 40 kills in competitive against Silvers, he's a Smurf."
"I went 3-22 in my competitive match earlier today, so I created a Smurf account. I can't wait to destroy all those Silvers. I'm such a pro."
by CSGO_Truth December 05, 2014
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A smurf is a person that is very small, for example a midget.

The word Smurf is from a comic and television franchise centered on a group of extremely small blue fictional creatures called Smurfs.

so when you call someone a smurf it indicates that your calling them very small aka midget but you say smurf because it sounds better ;)
by scottydosentknow April 19, 2011
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The word Smurf is used in Gaming Scene. The Word Smurf is taken from โ€œThe Smurfsโ€ (original: Les Schtroumpfs). The connection for using it in the gaming context, is the defining characteristic of a Smurf. He is very little! Transferred to gaming, it describes the fact, that a experienced person is starting a game again from the scratch to level up just for fun. He will not put much effort in it but will slowly become a maximal level Character. In different gaming communities, there are different words for the same procedure. For example in the WOW community Twink got the same meaning as smurf.
I play with my Smurf, because i dont want to play with my main.
by Smork March 30, 2012
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Police officers/Cops

Because they dress in Blue and have white vehicles (in most countries Blue and White)
Don't speed up dude, there are smurfs behind us.
by masongr March 20, 2016
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