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Codeword : Pertaining to Marijuana (Smummy, Smummed, Smumming, Smums...)
Created by Ms. M.C.M.G and Ms. J.M.C
"HEY! You got any SMUM?"

"DUDE....SHE smums..."

"Wanna get SMUMED???!!!"

question: "What are you doing?"

Answer: "Smumming..."

"You done Smummed yourself stupid."
by Another_Schoolyard_Casualty September 01, 2006
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'Smum is a term which can be added onto any name or proper noun in order to change that term into an insult. In general use it is added onto a name in order to embaress the recipient.
person a) "Hey, I just had sex with sarah!"
person b) "'smum! LOL!"
person a) Damn your erudite wit!
by troy March 22, 2005
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tricking your opponent/friend into thinking you are calling them, when in actual fact you are calling their mum
You: Sian!
Sian: yeah?
You: SMUM!!!
Sian: :(
by pugzzz August 23, 2006
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