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An acronym for "Slutty McSlutSlut," the famed fastest girl in the West, or at least in the East Bay. Few have not slept with her, as she's up-front, horny, and catches guys when they're most incapable of defending themselves. In dealing with SMSS, bring a friend to divert her attention, or in dire cases, a condom so that if you do succumb to her wiles, you don't catch a disease.
He went to go see SMSS? Well, that makes two people now who haven't slept with her...
by pdriver237 May 29, 2005
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A variant of SMH/SMDH, SMSS represents the pinnacle of ignorance. Literally meaning "Shaking My (DJ) Double S SS".

The "DJ Double S" is in reference to someone in our group of friends whose ignorance is without rival. Example:

Right before we cheers a shot and pound it, he goes "Hey has everyone gotten their vitimains" and runs and gets his Centrum Men's vitimans.
(from an actual conversation I had with this clown today):

Me: Ya fuck them ugly ass hoes, all got moles and zits n shit
Will: Haha
Me: That's your boo though
Will: I love her

me: SMSS!
by Oatssssssssss June 14, 2011
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