Sms means suck my sausage in texting
Kurt: ‘ Hey Tyra wanna sms’
Tyra: Sure 😏😏
by jeesuscheesus September 17, 2020
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•Me to friend: I'm dying over here. I'm so bored. Sms
• God, I need to get a life. Sms
by Boom! October 15, 2016
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SMS means San Mateo Sureños it’s a gang that started in the 90’s. Their rivals are the West Madeo Nortez. One of the most active gangs in San Mateo, after the East Side Shoreview Crips and West Madeo Nortez.
“It’s SMS gang out here foo
“Don’t mess up with the SMS gang”
by MexicanoPride September 25, 2019
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SMS stands for Send me Something , for example nudes
Unknown: Hey 😉
unknown 2: Hey you should tottaly SMS
Unknown: maybe I will 😉😉
by Tygaboss June 24, 2017
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Girl 1: SMS

Girl 2: it's sos not SMS

Girl 1: well I say SMS because I'm by myself sos
by K2017 August 20, 2017
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