A colloquial term for fellatio, otherwise known as a blowjob, or sucking penis. The name is taken from the idea of likening a male genitalia to a cigar and "smoking it", or placing one's mouth on the head of the penis, but is otherwise exchangeable with blowjob in meaning. Smoke Some Bone typically has heavy gay connotation.
Looks like Carl should let out some Steam; time for him to Smoke Some Bone.

Dude, you really have no idea how far Jimmy is in the closet, do you? That "straight" man Smokes Bones daily!
by IQuarent November 29, 2016
The process of smoking with a girl so you can bang her. You provide the weed or just get high with her so she isn't thinking right and will then sleep with you.
John is going to do the old smoke 'n bone technique with his little Peruvian girl tonight.
by thegetawayplan9 January 7, 2010
An variation of "bone smoker". Nothing more or nothing less. All of the douchebags whose lame ass attempt to be funny or just totally wrong in defining smoking bone are probably themselves "bone smokers". Or if you prefer "smoking bone".
Monica Lewinsky was really into the act of "smoking bone" of the former President William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton.
by stiffy_allan March 17, 2010
A homosexual act, wordplay on "bone smoker". Primarily related to homosexual firefighters.
Its always a great shift with John, he is really into smoking bone.
by Newman Atwood December 19, 2003