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A statement that writes off any responsibility that society would place on the speaker for a certain act, lifestyle or appearance.
Chris: Hey-why you wearin joggin pants to the club, man? We sposed to be high-steppin tonight! And you look like u haven't shaved or showered in 3 days!! Dude!

De'angelo: Hey, mahn. Aint no shame in my game! I'm ghetto fabulous, yo, u aint heard. Man, shut that mess up b4 i smack it up. Shooo...aint no shame in my game-i'm fo real doe.
by lafoozy July 05, 2009
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Meaning you don’t regret how you do things. It’s your way that you live by & believe in. A person that has faith in self not what other think. Letting your nuts hang lol good one huh. Standing by your words & owning it
Ex: Bra you ain’t that bih ahh??
You damn right ain’t no shame in my game foo

Texting a chick about what you’d do to her. Even if you know she might not respond or not. Just for the fuck of it. In oder to shoot your shot
- Shit ain’t no shame in my game

Bra how you pull all em hoes when you gotta wifey?

Cuz bra ain’t no shame in my game. I just do da shit
by Fye_Ant August 08, 2018
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