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the act of killing someone with a gun, usually from afar (akin to snipe)
I'll smoke check that guner if he pops his head up again.
by fatnutz July 25, 2006
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To immediately kill/incapacitate an enemy or threat in close proximity with extreme violence of action, usually though a large volume of gun fire. Favorite of US forces to indicate a threat has been neutralized. Originates (obscurely enough) from smoke check spray, which is a carbon monoxide tester for smoke alarms. The same way you’d point and blast the smoke alarm, getting it instantly, is how you’d point and blast an enemy fighter, getting them instantly. In close quarters you’d literally be blasting smoke at them (in addition to projectiles).
“Outlaw 1 Actual, Outlaw 1-3 be advised: enemy RPG team smoke checked, break. Clear to advance to battle pos how copy?”

“Outlaw 1-3 interrogative: were effects on target as effective as spraying a smoke detector with smoke check spray?”

“A-firm Outlaw 1, both smoke and other things were blasted at them which had a very immediate effect.”
by Outlaw1Act June 06, 2018
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The act of epically killing a person in a first person or rpg video game such as Halo or World of Warcraft.
Guy one: "Dude I just smoke checked you in this game!"
Guy two: "That was just a warm up."
Guy one: "Ya. Hokay."
by ProfessorPirate August 19, 2009
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Getting screwed up after a PT or Workout such as sweating or blowing snot everywhere.
Hey private Williams how was the new fitness video you got your recruits. Smoke Checked all of them even I broke out a sweat or two.
by Wetyoutube1 April 07, 2019
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