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"yo, last night was crazy! matt was so schmacked, him and eric started goin at it!
by qwertygirl03 August 23, 2008
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When you are overly high or drunk. This can be from several things ranging from nicotine to weed to lean to alcohol. To know if you are schmacked look yourself in a mirror and see if you can stand still. If this objective is failed then your SCHMACKED.
Mike Hunt : yo dawg I was schmacked asf last night.
Barry McKoginer : Damn i was scmacked on tuesday.
by whiteguy420 December 24, 2018
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Past Participle
Beat (past tense) somebody really badly in a game or activity (especially sports).
Who tryna get schmacked in Clash (of Clans)?
Damn...Collin was playin' Smash 4 with Kyrie last night and that nigga got SCHMACKED
You playin 3 on 3? Boy if we go full court you finna get schmacked
by Air-Dried Conditioner December 11, 2017
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Getting very lit with friends or family
Yo Sadie’s was so schmacked. We danced all night
by Rdeb April 04, 2019
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