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shaking my own head

used when in response to the ever so popular "smh"
Steve: "Bruh....smh"
John: "I know bruh....smoh."
by kylecampbellisawesome July 02, 2011
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The term smoh derives from the word small and is an adjective used to describe an object that is in fact the opposite of its original meaning. Thus smoh is used to describe objects or features that are abundant in large quantities.

Smoh can be used in a general way such as in the example "oh smoh guy" implying that the male in question is in fact abnormally tall or incredibly ripped, chiseled, jacked and tan. Or in a more specific way such as in the following example "smoh kababylons" which alludes to a specific feature in this case a females abundant and plentiful breasts.
The most well known usage of the smoh adjective is when paired with the word Ah (pronounced A-Huh) which is in itself an abbreviation of the word ass so when combined Smoh Ah means a nice round bouncy ass or when said with sarcastic intent as is often the case it means a oversized buttocks or Barge Arse as it has come to be known.
A commonly used variation of smoh is smeh which is used in exactly the same context but is usually reserved for males as a greeting as in the example "Oh Smeh Stephens"
The smoh adjective spawned in the gangsta ass region of Sydney NSW inside the walls of Bally Boys High School and has been steadily gaining popularity among fucking awesome people everywhere.
Example 1
Max the Axe Murderer Stewart "Excuse me but you have some smoh itty-titties"
Female in question with large breasts "Oh how dare you" Slap!
Max the Axe Murderer Stewart "She wasn't having any of that"

Example 2
Barta "Oh Smoh Chidiac"
Chidiac "Can i get some spot over here i am gonna go bench press the world for a quick warm up"
Barta (in awe) "Smoh Chidiac"

Example 3
Thermae "Oh check out that Smoh Ah over there, you can see that thing coming from a mile away"
M Leonidas "Yeh but she is a hectic Dinga so she she is not a Smoh Ah she is really a Barge Arse"
Thermae "haha yeah shot Phil"
by Ninja Mc Stealth Kill July 17, 2010
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A Compact Disc. Slang word for a CD.
I need a smoh case for this smoh I just burned.
by EAHIV August 12, 2005
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