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A filthy place untouchable in grot this place is an absolute no go for anyone living in Adelaide, Australia. Now if you thought Elizabeth was bad just keep driving past it the next suburb is called Smithfield and it literally is DANGEROUS!.

The near by Munno Para (another gritty neighborhood) shopping centre has quite a lot of people from Smithfield. i just dont understand how its so feral and dero. For the English viewers this is Chavsville EARTH!.
Going through here in a bus was a horrid experience EVERY SINGLE HOUSE has Budget Holden's (Australian made cars) There are mostly Holden Commodore's and then Mitsubishi's and Fords (again produced within Australia).

People hang in baggy jeans with teenage wifes and beanies. They all have mullets and do not shower instead they take there shirts off to let the breeze clean them. They have nothing to live for and are worse than asians they would not just stab you they'd fkn torcher u.
Smithfield dweller: dude did you know the FKN SNOWTOWN MURDEREDS ACTUALLY WERE MY FKN NEIGHBOURS!!!in Smithfield (based on a true story)
Common person: DUDE wtf have you lived there for like 15 years
Smithfield dweller: COZ ITS DAMN CHEAP!!

Smithfield Dweller: Did you know a damn Aboriginal actually put his hand through our kitchen window and FKN TOOK A GLASS AND FILLED IT WITH WATER ZOMFG WTF!!. (based on a true story AGAIN!!!)
Commoner: Dude WTF! what you do.
Smithfield dweller: "The fucker was Thirsty he came back that night, dad stayed awake just in case he filled a cup took some shit out of sink and legged it, dad chased but damn it must have been fkn Cathy Freeman or some shit."
by afg4life March 25, 2008
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Located in fayette county, pennsylvania. A real shit hole town that has one scuzzy bar that can't even serve cold beer because the fridge breaks down once a week. If you are from out of town, even if it is a few miles away you are the latest attraction. For a town of only 800 people, it has the densest population of sexual predators. The average I.Q. is around 90. Most of the people here have the blonde hair/blue eye bullshit because of inbreeding for generations.
Johnny: Hey Bob wanna go to the mall and try to pick up some chicks.

Bob: Why would I want to go the mall when I can stay in smithfield and go right down the hall.
by CougarStyles March 05, 2011
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