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County in Southwestern Pennsylvania full of rednecks, biker bitches, fat asses and criminals.
by JBauer May 04, 2005
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Fayette county is nestled in southwestern PA. Fayette county is famous for 3 things, the worlds cheapest hamburgers (10 cents), george washington came through 250 years ago, and being a hub for inumerable amounts of hill billies, bikers, and people who emulate them by wearing mullets and nascar gear. Joe Hardy the 234 richest man in america an county resident, is running turning the county around with his high class resort, and gucci shoppe in uniontown
Lets go over to Fayette county so we can play padidal,( its the only place in America you can play)
by ej regula January 13, 2006
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A county located in SWPA. It doesn't have much culture and the people in Fayette are very interesting. Walking down a street in Fayette is like walking through a zoo. Come to Fayette if you like interesting, eccentric people, but do not come to Fayette if you like art, music, or large cities. If you are a redneck, older person, biker, poor, tramp, slob, or a cOwGuRL111!! you just might like it in Fayette.
by Danyelle June 18, 2005
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