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Excessively large, and usually sloppy, tities. Although traditionally white in color, "Smilkies" can come in all flavors (e.g. Chocolate smilkies)
Hey, check out those smilkies on Lindsay Lohan
by Lindsay Lohan November 03, 2004
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a combination of smooth and silky generally used to define the coat of a cat.
Damn that cat is smilky
by kingofthieves February 17, 2008
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Not just smooth and silky, but smilky.
J: I was waxing this fine poon last night, dizamn that shit was smilky.
by duplikit January 29, 2003
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As smooth as silk; exceptionally silky; silkier than anticipated; silkier than it may initially appear, esp. from a distance or at first glance.
Your legs are always so smilky, Bro!
by iknowyoumissme March 30, 2015
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