Risha is keeps telling me this means some thing else smh
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by DEDE20005 November 11, 2018
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An abbreviation for the term "Shaking my hamster". smh is typically used when something is obvious, plain old stupid, or disappointment or you are shaking your hamster
Friend 1: Fuck! I just missed an open net! Smh
Friend 2: Woah wtf man! Why you shaking your hamster for?!
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by ZeroBoiiii October 03, 2020
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An abbreviation of the phrase "shaking my head." Usually used to emphasise someone's disappointment of embarrassment. An alternative definition could also be "stupid mind headed" and is used in the same context
Person A: wow haha I never knew fish lived in water

Person B: wow you're so dumb smh
by JeSuisUneBanane April 09, 2019
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After witnessing a public display of stupidity, the furious disapproval toward noxious people who are dead from the neck up.

Donald Trump. Smh.

Karen won’t wear a mask to the farmers market. She said the global pandemic is, β€œa lie” ... smh
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by Jimmyribbons July 26, 2020
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