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Combination of "smell" and "hello," describing the act of two dogs sniffing the other's respective business end as a way of saying hello.
Buster and Rover did the smello ritual of walking around each other in a circle while each of them got acquainted with the other.
by Ae5Ea8 March 03, 2015
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It is a greeting created by me. It means hello, but its a word mixed with smell. (smell+hello=smello)
Why smello there young wonderer!
by The_Creator_of_Smello June 08, 2015
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Another word for breasts, boobs, tatas, etc. (both women AND men).

Obviously derived from marshmallows - likening breasts to the soft and squishy of a marshmallow!
Be careful, your smellos are showing! OR "SOS: Save Our Smellos!"
by boobish78 June 23, 2011
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Smello pronounced (z meh lo) describes a chivalrous, handsome, charming, womanizing man that is elusive; the devil in disguise to lonely women
by smica June 16, 2008
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The act of taking a dump in a condom, freezing the turd, then inserting it in another friend's asshole. The friend will then keep the turd in their asshole until it has melted. Then they re-poop your poop.
Joe: "Dude, why do you smell so bad?"
Mike: "Sorry brah, I was up all night smelloing with David."
by Moneyisnotanissue December 12, 2011
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1. an exclamation used when one walks into a room or area that smells unpleasant. A combination of 'smelly' and 'hello'.
2. exclamation used by others when an unpleasant smelling person or thing enters into a room or area.
A person walks into a room where a dog has defecated. The person smells the feces and says, "SMELLO!"

A sweaty man returns to his wife after working out at the local gym. After approaching her the wife smells his body odor and exclaims, "Damn, honey....SMELLO!"
by John J. Boyd March 01, 2006
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