Kiss A Dick

Made famous by the fantastically wonderful Kevin Federline aka K.Fizzle aka K.Fed aka Federlizzle.
K.Fed: All you haters can K.a.D.
US Weekly: What did he say?
by thebigwiggle June 08, 2006
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it originated in the tengshoi army ranks. a famous japanese old day ninja death squad. the word 'kad' is short for kadimoto, which in old emperialistic terms mean the mighty warrior
you killed 12 people on a killing raid your so kad

(when they returned from a killing raid)
by brendan April 18, 2005
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this phrase means "Killa Attack Dog." This saying is used to describe a very aggressive dog who will wait at nothing to take a chunk out of yo' ass.
Yo, Ray-Ray!! That Benji dog which you got is definitely a major K.A.D.!! Pizn Pizn!!
by Shaqueezle G. October 07, 2005
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