to make the most stupid, idiotic, worst decision making and sayings, and usually with no common sense.
Booked a trip to London to see a girl I'm in love with and been holding out for her, spent a lot of money, and got there and she just wants to be friends! just did a SMC.
by catchthenandkillthem March 23, 2010
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nerds. but not always! some students in SMCS are hot, pretty, athletic, not just nerds. Science Math computer science? more like smart, magnificent, cool, students!
ew SMCS kids are losers, yea not all of them though! theyre smart and funny and good looking
by jenny.parker567 June 15, 2010
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Suck my cock. Used (mostly) by boys/men who like to piss other people off, or when they need to do something but don't want to or are too lazy to do it.
Me: Yo Ryan, buy me some snacks at the store.
Ryan: Suck my cock. (smc)
by meesiefeesie October 28, 2015
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the redneck town that is st marys county, md. where everyone is related and there is nothing to do but get drunk.
"i married my sister and want to celebrate, good thing we live in smc."
by wicked_b January 22, 2009
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A shit hole of a county in Southern Maryland, filled with crazy kids, psychedelic drugs and asshole County Police.
The Wildewood Crew resides in SMC, Southern Maryland
by BudBabe May 25, 2008
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it from people who's think there cock is the biggest think but its not (smc) small mushroom cock
that kid sax has an smc.
yea he talks about his all the time.
by pmoro69 August 26, 2016
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