A man who has a very small dick size, typically one who is proud of it and talks about it a lot.
Man "Hey mate, I have a small dick"
Man 2 "Uuuh... Okay. You didn't have to mention it"
Man "Yeah, just wanted to let you know I have a small dick and I'm proud of it"
Man 2 "You're a fucking smally aren't you?"
by Brenzek August 15, 2016
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A phenomenon throughout chavs in the uk. Whoever he is, we will never know. Many people pretend they know him through various forums and YouTube, but there is no actual proof. There is no MySpace, Bebo, Official MSN address of his. All we know is that 5 songs of his Armour, Better Off Alone, Chase Da Sun & O-Zone Bounce, have leaked there way on to the internet and mobile phones throughout the UK. He claims he is 11 years old, but must be in his early teens by now. Some people love him, other hate him. Is he real or is he a joke. Reveal yourself the really MC Smally.
Lyric from. MC Smally - Better Off Alone. Yesssssss I
by Billy Bentley December 15, 2007
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A true classic by the cringe kid mc smally now known as Smallz on JDZ media (grime)
Guy 1. Have you heard of Mc smally
Guy 2. Who is that
Guy 1. Mc smally yeah that's my name
by Mcsmally October 8, 2019
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Na Smallies : it's a Nigerian slang which means , it's normal ,cool ,alright, no problem ,calm
by Dayveed Eyo December 27, 2019
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Mafaking my g on kuh i swear to g this my guy
Yo bro i love you
Yeah bro yo my Smallie Biggs
by jakupaka November 22, 2021
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