A person who acts sly or slutty. Sly meaning going behind someones back to avheive a greater goal.
Sara was being a slydog by spreading her legs for Jono while going behind Adams back to make it with Cam
by Timotay October 01, 2007
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Someone who goes out of their way to screw you over, often doing so in a generally gay/homosexual manner which induces anger.

-Defined elitely by DarkGrieverX
"Man what the FUCK? Peter the fag and the Sly One are so fucking gay, they slept together in the same bed and still don't admit they are homosexual, those SLY DOGS."
by Leo The ELITE April 06, 2005
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Having or showing a cunning and or deceitful nature to the boys
Sly dog Stevin
by Slydogkouk February 25, 2019
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