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once again, the true definition of "slutbutter" is: the warm, pasty(possibly chunky) secretion from the vagina of a woman who is sexually promiscuous.
After having sex with Michelle, i was forced to use bleach to clean the "slutbutter" off my penis.
by Marc Micheline January 22, 2005
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1. Vaginal secretion emitted by a promiscious female

2. Butter that has been borrowed by one two many neighbors (been around the block)

3. Gooey marijuana/beer/liquor left over after a night of partying
Damn that girl got her slut butter all over me last night!

Got my dick in some nasty slut butter last night.

After Marjorie, Alice, Patricia, Gay Ted, Joanna and Mr. Winkis had borrowed the butter, I decided that it was slut butter and threw it out.

Everyone says my butter is slutbutter because I've let everyone on the block tap into it.
by Ranium February 14, 2007
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vaginal excrement from an overactive female
While I was down on Michelle I got a wiff of the slutbutter and almost puked.
by Marc Micheline February 10, 2005
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the thick gooey white stuff that a female slut's genitals secrete. It's a bacterial infection that makes a women vaginal juices thick, white, stinky and most of all creamy!

They can contrat this from having too much sex, with multiple partners. the bacteria from a mans penis infects the womans vagina therefore leaving an inbalance in the womans natural vagina bacteria.
that bitch i was with last night had some CRAZY Slut Butter.
by Donnie wilson January 24, 2006
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One who completes the act of slutation with the addition of a butter or margerine product.
Hey slutbutter!
by 123 April 18, 2003
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Slut butter basically translates to "sloppy seconds"
You were too slow; looks like you got my slut butter all over your dick!
by Daddy_Finger May 27, 2018
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