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1. A girl (or guy for that matter i guess) who is so much of a slut the only way to define them is saying they're a Bunch of sluts mashed together

2. A small group of slutty girls who stand close together.
Def. 1
Didn't you know?, Christina's a slutball...

Def. 2
Guy1: dude look at that slutball over there
Guy2: yeah man you could probably have all 4 of them girls
Both: F***ing sluts
by TheDefiner1-1-12 August 24, 2008
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A condition in the Middle East where women's eyeballs send men into frenzied fits of lust whereupon they somehow then
transform into swarms of flies.
did you see that veiled girl's slutballs? shes turning me on what a slut
by mutaw3a March 16, 2012
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A female; particularly a sexual and flirtatious being who craves attention from every individual. Figuratively "rolling" around collecting every man in her premisis.
That girl is such a slutball,she has tryed to get with every guy in this room!
by Brolex13 January 30, 2014
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What you tell your girlfriend she is when you catch her downtown with five dicks in her mouth, being a slut.
Jennifer! Take all those dicks out of your mouth or i'm braking up with you! You fucking slut ball!
by HoBall August 09, 2011
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can be said to a male who is a slut or a slag .the male version of slut can b used for an insult.
"Shut the fuck up slut balls!"
by amey March 27, 2005
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