To be incredibly high and retarted you dont function normally.
I was so slothed last night i dont remember anything.
by SteveGez September 24, 2006
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The act of hugging someone from behind, while they are unaware, and pulling them to the floor with your own dead weight. Then jumping up and laughing at their face.
Slother: You just got slothed.
by the_wulf850 April 17, 2008
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dance moves where you shake your arms in a swinging motion
brittni was doing the sloth yesterday at the dance
Yo i love that move
by the mamba not kobe bryant June 15, 2013
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To spend you waking hours passively in front of a TV or a book, doing nothing productive.
“It’s been a tough week at work so I want to spend the weekend slothing
“I think it’s time you stop watching TV and do something productive. You’ve been slothing all day”
“I think we’ve slothed enough for the day. We should get out and do something”
by Doram Jacoby and Ellie Brill January 18, 2019
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the cutest (yet slowest) animal in the world over any animal like a puppy I would rather have a sloth sloths are super cute and cool
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A sexual position; The Sloth can be executed as follows: the male participant is on all fours while the female participant hangs from the male torso, wrapping her legs around his lower waist and her arms around his shoulders. The male acts as a branch while the female, much like a sloth, hangs from him, giving the position its name. The male is responsible for the thrusting motion required for successful sexual intercourse. If executed correctly, the female's body should be entirely suspended. Easiest if the male first enters the female while both are lying down. Once he's inside, the female wraps her arms and legs around him, the male gets on all fours, and The Sloth commences.
"The Sloth is my favorite sexual position."

"The Sloth is such a workout."

"I defied gravity while doing The Sloth with Karlin last night."
by Kurt Todd January 19, 2006
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adj. 1a. of, or relating to the sloth, esp. in its slow and apathetic behavior
Pevin Lekay has a slothful attitude toward religion.
by Max December 8, 2004
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