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When a young female tends to slosh around from male to male. Sometimes even taking it in the arse twice in 4 days. Some say when she walks it sounds as if they are being followed by a bucket full of water.
Man i got Harriet in the back of my 106 last night, shes such a slosher, she left it all on my seats!
by Donald McFlannel April 25, 2007
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One who fucks in the back of a car. Originates from the sloshing sound the gas in the tank makes as the car rocks back and forth.
Fitty Peso is a slosher because he fucked that one girl in the back of some kids car the other night.

Hey slosher whats up. You're a hoe.
by Dr. Voodoo October 09, 2006
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When a girl goes from bloke to bloke, shagging around and just being a slosher basically! Not the best looking girl but she can be ok in bed despite her slosherness!
Jade: "Craig, your such a Haravey!"
Craig:"Shut up jade you slosher!"
by New Biz Against Sloshers June 09, 2010
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A derogatory term often used to describe a man who moves from woman to woman without any regard for class.

Often good looking. Although their sloshiness makes them unattractive to the upperclasses
Jack would be really hot if he wasnt such a Slosher, he was with Bianca last week and yesterday he slept with Chardonnay.
by DJ247 March 20, 2011
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1. A person who, as a result of frequenting clubs and other such locales, becomes devoid of dignity, civility, and class.

2. A person, who, on account of promiscuity, has become crass and lude.

Originates in Tolstoy's Anna Karenina book 7 wherein he uses the analogy that a slosher is someone like a hard-boiled egg which has been turned over too many times and has become cracked, and unappealing.
"Selena is such a slosher, she Clubs every fucking weekend!"
by Gerard w January 17, 2008
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