A sloot is an attractive girl dressed in a revealing manner. It is not to be confused with slut, which carries a negative connotation. Therefore girls should be pleased to be labeled as a sloot, as it indicates that you are attractive.

A popular phrase related to sloots is used when a sloot has been seen. It is a remix of the catchy Fabolous song "You Be Killin' Em," and it goes, "girl you be slooting it." When heard, males tend to stop what they are doing and begin to search for the female in question.

The full break-down of sloot is as follows: Sloot is the noun Slooting is the verb. Slootology is the science behind slooting.
Check out that sloot over there, she has a nice bum.
You tryin to go slooting after class?
My real major is slootology.
by Dr. Sloot, Ph.D April 27, 2011
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not quite a slut, someone who has slut potential but has not done that one real slutty thing yet.
Did you hear she passed out in his room? What a sloot!
by F-18 September 12, 2009
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Another word for slut; used in a joking way
Girlie 1: I like pancakes
Girlie 2: Maddy shut up. You're such a sloot.
by Zebracakes101 November 28, 2014
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To consistently and repeatedly purchase from Woot.com to ones mental and monetary detriment. Action occurs pre- post- and during Woot-offs. Often associated with sleeplessness in anticipation of a 'bag o' crap'.
James is such a sloot; he has more useless trinkets and no money for rent
by Jeremy Longbottom April 17, 2007
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Being the prey of a creepy guy who is trying to drug you or in someway over intoxicate you to rape and eventually murder you, like Joran Van Der Sloot.
That guy won't leave her alone like he's gonna sloot her
by RachieRach January 19, 2011
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classy way of saying 'slut' so your mother doesn't scold you for being rude.
oh, i know her.she sleeps with everyone.what a sloot.
by Jane_Bond October 27, 2003
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