To fap to Beethoven.
As I sloosh-ed, I saw such wonderful pictures.
by B-donic Prime January 15, 2011
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To go to your local gas station (preferably a kum n go) and purchase a slushee. A normal sloosh session involves a 22 oz. slushee. However, if you want to be a sloosh legend, go for the 52 oz. cup.
by rshieldsbabyfade April 18, 2011
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n. A combination of a slut and a douche (noun usage of douche), usually a girl
Ugh! Brittanny is such a sloosh!
by Schmidy December 4, 2006
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sloosh is what comes back out of a womans hatchet wound after applying douche
jenny's bearded clam just poured out some sloosh
by Snakerton Erbauch September 12, 2004
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i vagina with a fungus,usually green like the hulk has cuts or open sores and has a abnormally large bush,usually reaks like dead fish and is very loose
1. you have a vary nasty sloosh

2.your sloosh is disturbing me

by jesse caballero July 10, 2008
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Kind of like t.p.-ing except the toilet paper is wet so it sticks everywhere.
We were going to go slooshing and sloosh that kid's car tonight, but the cops busted us.
by slooshmaster28 August 20, 2007
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to get really drunk
"man, i'm slooshed"
by jilldo December 27, 2003
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