To post something on a social networking site but receive no likes, comments, or tags from anyone. It is clear that this can happen to only two people......Jake Silverman and Corey Zuckerman. It's as if they were meant to be together.
Ive been slivered!
by slivernation February 23, 2014
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The best French rocking hardcore band ever. Named after the best Nirvana song ever. Also one of the most mispelt band name on flyers.
by Sister Resist December 08, 2010
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1. a word commonly misspelt as silver.

2. the first name of SliverMcKite - a moderator on

Little piece of wood - not a color.
by SliverMcKite April 21, 2004
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1. A term derived from competitive multiplayer video gaming. Used to describe an opponent with such extremely low levels of life that their HP(hit point) bar appears to be empty with just a sliver of life left. Often, the term is expressed by a player who is chasing down and trying to dispatch a "sliver bitch" that is trying to make an escape with their last remaining HP.
Example 1:
*Playing League of Legends*

Player 1: Dude! Why are you running down the whole map!?
Player 2: Sliver bitch... almost got em!
*Player 2 has killed Player 4*
Player 1: Niiiiiicccceeee

Example 2:
*Playing Street Fighter*
Player 1: AHHH!!! Stop blocking, you sliver bitch, and meet your END!

Example 3:
*Playing Left 4 Dead*
Zombie Player 1: AH! I'm dead! Dude! Grab'em! There are 2 sliver bitches heading for the safe room!
Zombie Player 2: On it!
by Sliver Biatch May 28, 2011
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Antiquated term, used to refer to the supposed ingredients of a poor grade of rolling tobacco, such as Bull Durham. Also may be used a comeback when someone asks what's for dinner.
I swear, that bag of tobacco was naught but horseshit and slivers.
by Rod Brock July 24, 2006
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A strange, random phrase used to describe anything. Usually used as an excuse for something you weren't supposed to do. The conversation including this phrase, used by my 3 year old cousin, is shown below.
"Uncle Ben, I don't potty talk. It's just a sliver of the moon."
by Zandri July 10, 2008
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During intercourse right when the man gets ready to cum he stays in her and because he has so much cum it bursts the condom inside of her. Causing for the skeet to stay inside her.
Landon gave Lauren the a liver sliver last night and that is why she thinks she might be pregnant,
by Laurenlovesliverslivers May 02, 2009
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