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the act of a person becoming less than their mother would wish them to live up to, or degrading themselves in some serious way.
Also "sliper" a person who is actively sliping.
"Sliped" to have sliped.
Veronica is sliping by having that baby. Ted pulled a huge slipe when he quit college/quit his job/broke up with Amanda.
by josh dolby October 12, 2006
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To slipe - a dog shuffling along the ground on two legs, scraping its arse on the floor to clear blocked anal glands. The equivalent of a good human scratch, usually caused after too much rich food.
Someone stop Rover quickly, he's about to slipe all over the priceless Persian carpet!
by Tristram Smith April 04, 2016
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When the target of a sniper suddenly slips or bends over the exact moment that the sniper fires his bullet, allowing the bullet to miss him completely, and leaving him unaware that he was seconds from death.
I've got him in my sights... BLAM!

*guy slips and lives*

Damn it! He sliped! Abort, abort!
by Ulisses July 10, 2008
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