banging someone you haven't hit in a while;
hookin up w/ the X;
A: I saw my x-girlfriend Jenine at the bar last night.
B: You do the slide back???
A: Slllllllllide back!
by Slide back king January 10, 2008
That slow decline in later years when many head backward, sliding steadily into an increasingly childlike mentality while often facing the concurrent loss of their physical integrity.
Oh yes, we’ve all watched her become like an innocent again, sliding back into childhood; for her, the world is new and beautiful all over again, even though she went through a hellish life that took that childhood innocence right out from under her so long ago!
by Dr Bunnygirl November 25, 2019
To continously return to a prior state. Can be used to define a addiction or a relationship
I thought she was happy with a her new man, how she back slide to her no good babydaddy.Well at least she didn't start smokin weed again.
by Lehcara June 19, 2008
Putting a hoodie on and sliding on your back using your feet to propel you accross a stage. Race to see who can slide across the fastest!
Hillary: I'm bored.
Kymmie: Well, Let's have a hoodie back slide against stage race!
by Kymmie October 20, 2007