A Jenine is the most beautiful, and wonderful girl you will ever know! They have the most amazing eyes ever. A "Jenine" will make you smile at her goofyness whether or not you want to! She will always have plenty of boys trying to date her.
Dang, that girl is such a Jenine
by Aether-Huntrax December 7, 2010
Known for her beauty, she has the sweetest and most forgiving heart. She’s pure and most probably wifey material. she’s VERY RARE and when she is taken for granted or played with she will definitely make you regret it. She’s not scared of anything but she’s low key sensitive and her feelings are always multiplied. She’s known to be goofy and fun but a freak in the bed. If you found your self a Jenin Don’t let her go!
Guy: yo I meet this girl names Jenin she’s so sweet bro
Guy#2: oh shit don’t play with that. If u get her on her bad side you done. She’s complicated.
Guy: “takes notes
by Hibbalibba November 24, 2018
A cold person from the out side, often speaks her mind, not afraid what others would think about her,

As from the inside she is one of the sweetest and rarest of all,

She has this white loving heart,

And when she falls in love,

She falls deep.
You are lucky to have a jenin in your life,

But be careful not to break her sweet heart, because she will give you her out side coldness
1-"Have you talked to jenin lately?"
2-"Dude i think she hates me, she was very Cold"
by Jkjkjkjk23 January 8, 2018
Cutest most sweetest person in the world (VERY RARE)honest and speaks her mind moat of the time not scared of anything but has sensitive feelings also supposely a drama. Queen.
Your being a jenin.
Stop being a jenin.
by SKINNYAS* April 6, 2017
Jenin is the best person in the world :)
She is kind, loyal and a sniper
by sssss101 December 13, 2016
She’s the most funniest and cutest girl when you get to know her. on the outside she gives out a cold vibe.

but bro shes a keeper, most loyal girl i’ve ever met. beautiful eyes and glowing heart, known for being cool but she’s sensitive and will take certain words to heart. she doesn’t like attention. she gives the most loving hugs.

she forgives fast and talks her mind when she trusts you and she will help in any situation when she can.
don’t leave her hanging, or she’ll leave you hanging.
person1:”what do you think of that Jenin girl?”
person2:”I think she’s f***ing awesome but I’m scared I might get her cold side”
by adamn0skyll June 18, 2022