girl please stemming from black people on the Maury show or maybe Montel Williams. Used in a sentance to say "bitch say what"
girl please im not your baby's daddy.
by John January 25, 2005
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A phrase used when talking. A way of saying "Just stop, ok?", or "That's ridiculous...", or "What were you thinking?". Usually said with a kick of sass to it.
1. Miranda: "And he said he was married and all...but he said that their relationship was I thought that meant he could have sex with me. It wasn't my fault, really!"
Lizzy: *Rolls eyes* "Girl, please..."

2. Stacey: "...So who cares if I'm now in a thousand dollars of debt? I mean the shoes ARE really cute...right?"
Emily: "Girl, please..."
by SmilesAreLove July 13, 2010
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