stands for “slime love all the time” but it has to be done with the gesture 👈 👎

timothy: AYYYY SLAT
jared: 👈👎
by joemamaaaaaaaaaaa October 15, 2019
A word used to describe a live or lit situation
All these chains on my neck looking icy but my girl is Asian and thick...SLAT
by February 1, 2018
A homeboy or homegirl, usually used to refer to them after telling them something
“Aye man we hittin the studio tonight?”

“Yes, straight bars tonight only slat
by Thvliaa March 3, 2019
word used in lit fucking situation, more commonly used for "all the time"
-justin bieber slat no cap homes!?!
by NBAyngboiSlat April 15, 2020
"Girl made some slat with my own precum and drank it in front of me. Nasty af but still kinda hot ngl"
by TommyPhiligga January 1, 2021
1. Small aerodynamic surfaces on the leading edge of an airplane wing which, when deployed, allow the wing to operate at a higher angle of attack.
2. Pussy lips. By analogy to calling them flaps. See? flaps... slats... Now... flaps everybody understands, but *slats*?... Gimme a break!... Please don't call your girlfriend's pussy lips *slats* if you don't want to sound awfully nerdy, or unless you both work at Lockheed-Martin.
1. If it wasn't for my plane's auto-deployed slats, i´d be a red stain on the landscape by now.
2. (Youre giving her head on the drawing board late at night at Lockheed-Martin) Hmm Donna, these slats are hot! Not the ones in your design dummy!
by Hugh G Rection June 3, 2006