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Mental. Fucked in the head. Disturbed. Cool in a fucked up way. Has also gained currency as simply: foolish.

Orig. Rhyming Slang (UK), not necessarily only used by davids.
Back in the day when consumer electronics were very expensive, often needed maintainance/repair and we were poor, Radio Rental was a large British company which rented... TV sets. (Doh!)

Often shortened to just Radio.
Dude, put your cock away, we're on the fucking bus! Are you fucking radio, or what?

Vice City? Radio Rental mate.

Wow! Totally, like RRRRRRRRaaaaaaaaaaadioooooo RRRRRReeeental!

Shut it radio.
by edjog! December 21, 2005

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Not literally a pain in one's anus or gluteus maximus, though either would count.

Something quite annoying, but not as bad as a ballache, which would also be expected to last longer.

People, Places, Things: it doesn't matter. Often shortened to just: a pain.
Was that your uncle?

Yeah. What a pain in the arse.

Well, i wasn't gonna say anythin, but...

You wanna meet my Dad! What a ballache. Shit, he's coming over, time for a cool sharp one.
by edjog! December 21, 2005

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To give somebody a severe beating, to the point where they are totally incapacitated, which could include lethal force, but this latter accidentally.

Not necessarily using one's feet, but to deliberately go into the realms of permanent injury.
If i ever meet Goerge W Bush, i'm gonna kick fuck out of him. It'll be a service to humanity.
by edjog! January 09, 2006

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Noun. Also "a good slapping": Uk.

A physical assault occaisioning actual bodily harm, but not grievous, which would be a good hiding.
Don't do that or i'll give you a slapping.

1. Did you hear about that bloke last night? Gave this lad a right good slapping!

2. Yeah, broke his nose. I heard it was a proper good hiding.

1. Nah, he didn't get him on the floor and kick fuck out of him or anything.
by edjog! January 09, 2006

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