A game in hypixel that you need to open the chests, speed bridge to the middle then steal every god loots that only can be obtained in the middle, then fuck all the minecrafters in hypixel, then you won.
“Fuck! He fucking stole my kill!” “Nice clean up!” “Fucking quick rusher!” Are common in skywars.
In a skywars game:
A: fucking kill stealer!!!! Stop fucking stealing my kill!
B: no, juz ur bad!
(A and B are fighting harshly after)

A took the L by C.
B got rekt by C.
C: L
A&B: Fucking cleaner!
by His mom is too gay for me February 10, 2019
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A game on the hypixel network that is a varient of normal skywars. It is also full of blatant cheaters. This game mode makes people feel the following things:
1. Suicidal
2. Mad
3. Disbelief
"Im so fucking done with ranked skywars its full of fucking cheaters holy shit."
by Skippayy January 18, 2018
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Skywars Duels. Play Skywars Duels
Skywars Duels. Play Skywars Duels
by Scotland__ May 10, 2021
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Ranked Skywars is a game on the Hypixel Network where four cheaters battle it out for the Victory Royale to achieve a high pixel number above their name.
"Damn these hackers have been draining me in Ranked Skywars all day, time to quit."
by ProMLGMacBook December 21, 2018
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A gamemode on the server Hypixel which is PURE CANCER. It is full of closet cheaters or the biggest sweats, no in between. The people who play this are extremely toxic and will not hesitate to insult you if you beat them.
WTF?!?! Why do notes trail players keep targeting me on Ranked Skywars, holy shit...
by ELITE hahaha :3 April 12, 2021
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A fun gamemode on the Hypixel server. Its competetive so everyone gets the same loot so you can have fair fights! Also there are rewards for the top players

The 10 best players in the world get master division
The 200 best players in the world get diamond division
The 1500 best players in the world get gold division
''Hey! lets play some ranked skywars. I really want to get those awesome rewards.''
by Blyar April 26, 2019
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possibly the most cancerous game on the hypixel network. used to be appealing because of its fast paced theme and rewards but it's now full of blatant cheaters, closet cheaters who don't get banned even if everyone on earth and their fucking mom, cousin, and uncle knows they do, and sweaty toxic neckbeards who don't know how to interact with other humans irl. the top 5000 players get iron division, the top 1500 get gold, top 200 get diamond, and the top 10 get masters (you can't get this without cheating/boosting btw). there is equal amount of loot in mid chests for good rng and fair fights for everyone and good servers that don't lag or throw games for you at all. people do not sweat their dicks off at 1000 rating.
this game can make you feel the following:
uncontrollably angry
Player: i wish i could be good at ranked skywars like auror. he must be so good to get masters a lot without cheating or using mvp++!
Player 2: nah he autoclicks 20 cps dude

Player 2: it's ok, let's play tf2 instead
by milky creamy sweet semen July 29, 2021
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